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Supply Chain Analysis & Supply Chain Analytics Solutions | SuccessMetric

Supply Chain Analysis

What is Supply Chain/Inventory Analytics?

“The key to Increasing the cash flow of your business”

Supply Chain analysis involves processing raw data containing a variety of factors such as people, activities, organization, resources, information, etc. of the supply chain to improve its operational effectiveness.

A chart or graph is then presented to you to interpret its viability and monetary contribution towards the organizational goals. This visual data can be made easily available to you and your team through a Supply Chain Data Analytics tool. This data can also help make calculative decisions, predict customer demands, and significantly improve the process of inventory management, meet customer demands, and increase cash flow and profitability.

Why should business opt Supply Chain/Inventory analysis?

“Optimize your supply chain and inventory processes”

Ever-increasing customer expectations, pricing pressures, increased competition, and globalization, today, can no longer rely on traditional supply chain execution systems. It must change over to techniques which are quick and cost-effective.

The advancement in Artificial intelligence and machine learning has made it possible to dig deeper into the supply chain and analyze the data effectively. Supply Chain analysis can provide insights on whether the business has the right inventories, raw materials, and supply chain network and speed up the logistics and process involved.

Why SuccessMetric for Supply Chain/Inventory Analysis?

“SuccessMetric will get you the ROI that you deserve”

SuccessMetrics’ data analytics solutions are the perfect way to manage various aspects of your supply chain and inventory management, making it one of the strong pillars of your organization.

We are data-driven all-round analytics solutions platform that can unearth insights with every piece of raw data at our disposal. Every individual understands and interprets data differently. We aim to make analytics easy to visualize and fill the dashboard with relevant metrics that will help you make better decisions and boost profits. An AI-powered, intuitive dashboard with real-time and precise reporting, effective tracking, cost-effective pricing, and seamless design, your data is optimized to celebrate your future success. We provide features that you need to visualize the results of your efforts.

What we provide, is just the beginning.

Smart Inventory Suggestions

With smart suggestions, provided through your customized SuccessMetrics dashboard, stock replenishment based on lead time and reorder levels helps to minimize costs and optimize service levels, all in one place.

Average Stock Aging

Most manufactured products have an expiration period. By analyzing and identifying stocks nearing expiry on an Analytics dashboard like SuccessMetrics, you can significantly reduce the wastage of stocks and increase profitability.

Demand Forecast and Supply Planning

When you have the right analytics tool to process data and forecast demand and supply, you can plan the whole supply chain process, allocate resources, and keep safety level stock to fulfill customer demands in the future.

Sell-Through Rate

By analyzing the sell-through rate, which is the key indicator of the performance of the supply chain, you can monitor the efficiency of your supply chain and reduce stock wastage.

Best Performing Channels      

SuccessMetric can help you identify the best and the worst performing supply channels by analyzing past data, speed up the logistics, and deliver products on time to the customers.

Stock Turnover Rate

An insight into the Stock Turnover Rate can prevent overstocking which leads to over-expenditure and inventory wastage. The best analytics tool will help you avoid such an issue, calculate the items sold and replaced inventory during a given period.

Identify slow-turning locations and products

By identifying the products which haven’t shipped on time or a particular location which isn’t creating profits due to reduced demands, you can cut costs and identify an area that will bring about a profitable ROI.

Delivery/Shipment Times

SuccessMetric can enhance your delivery and shipment times to achieve timely delivery of products by identifying the factors that influence the order size and stock keeping rules and policies and correcting any inconsistencies in the process.

Cash-to-Cash Cycle Time

Supply Chain data is analyzed to determine the amount of time it takes a business to convert the inventory it received from the suppliers into cash received from sales. The lesser this period, the healthier the company would be.

Vendor-wise Gains

By analyzing your past purchases from individual vendors, our feature can create a Vendor-wise Gains report of sellers that contributed to your profits and the ones that do not pitch in as much.

Vendor Returns and Complaints

SuccessMetric allows you to record the complaints against vendors regarding defective or non-delivered products and keep track of all the products returned to the vendors against their cash value.

Vendor Ranking

By assigning ranks to vendors based on the quality of the products, lead time, price and the delivery time, it is a helpful feature and can ensure that the products are purchased from these vendors only.

Vendor-wise volume analysis

By analyzing supplier data and generating a Vendor Wise Volume Analysis report, it becomes easier for you to keep track of all your purchases and the payments you make towards the purchases in your SuccessMetric customized dashboard.

A complete business platform

SuccessMetric helps you fulfill your supply chain goals through analytics software customized for every SME.


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