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Sales Analytics Dashboards

What is Sales Analytics?

“Unlock the potential of your business through Sales Analytics”

Sales analysis provides insights into the efforts of the sales team. It converts the available data and presents them visually as charts or graphs on a sales dashboard or a sales analytics tool to help you evaluate future trends in the business. With every strategy designed to reach out to the ideal target audience, you need to know the one that performs the best and sets your business forward.

Sales Analytics uses various important business metrics like surveys, transactions, a few internal applications, and many other attributes. These metrics are collected through all marketing channels that are used to reach out to your customers. This data is then used by the sales team to understand the ways they can multiply profits and revenue.

Sales analytics tools can help predict your next move. It has the potential to propel your business towards success. With the best sales dashboard, you can get a forecast of your ROI in no time.

Why should business opt Sales Analytics?

“Optimize your marketing and sales efforts”

You have implemented many sales strategies and managed to nail a few customers. But, which approach has performed the best? Was the content strategy worth its amount per word? Or, was it that email marketing campaign? You need the right answers.

These answers are provided through sales analytics. It can give you information about marketing expenditures, the sales strategy that produced the best results and the one that can be optimized for better ROI.

It can provide insights with historical data to understand what happened previously in the process of customer conversion. Sales analysis of data helps you capture leads and the best way to convert them into customers. With rapid advances in AI and machine learning, analytics have made it easier to find the balance between supply and demand of goods, streamline processes, and optimize sales efforts for better outreach.

As your business expands to conquer new heights, you will need a piece software built on the latest technology and features that meet your business requirements. However, when the software does not fulfill your needs or becomes obsolete, it turns into a mess. What if you could have an analytics dashboard built for your business and all its requirements, fully customized, constantly updated, and available wherever you go?

Why SuccessMetric for Sales Analytics?

“SuccessMetric can get your data to work for you”

There are many sales dashboards available in the market to provide clarity about your data. But, there’s only one analytics company that can put your business needs first – SuccessMetric.

We are data-driven all-round analytics solutions platform that can unearth insights with every piece of raw data at our disposal. Every individual understands and interprets data differently. We aim to make analytics easy to visualize and fill the dashboard with relevant metrics that will help you make better decisions and increase profits. An AI-powered, intuitive dashboard with real-time and precise reporting, effective tracking, cost-effective pricing, and seamless design, your data is optimized to celebrate your future success. We provide features that you need to visualize the results of your efforts.
What we provide, is just the beginning.

Geo-mapping of sales

You’ve got the “who” and “when” to sales, but what about the “where”? SuccessMetric can help you visualize your current customer base as well as the potential areas to target and market, geo-mapped and optimized for higher revenue. It is your all-in-one profit generating dashboard!

Sales forecasting

Who says you cannot predict the future? Sales forecasting makes it easier to predict future sales, and make better business decisions. Access to sales analysis through the dashboard can also help you allocate resources efficiently, plan for future growth and optimize performance based on past sales data.

Target setting

Before you accomplish anything, you need to set goals. Goals or targets can give direction about what you need to accomplish. Generally, based on past data, it can help you define the steps that you need to take to achieve, and they are customized at every level.

Smart suggestions

If you’re an FMCG brand, it’s often hard to keep track of the number of orders, whether it has been dispatched, and there are a plethora of problems that come in the way of fulfilling the set business goals. With smart suggestions, you can configure the dashboard to give you recommendations based on demographics, product line, dispatch time and more.

Market Basket Analysis

A pair of items, buy one get one free or a 25% off on a bundle of items? Your customized dashboard can present to you various relationships between the customer and the products that they buy. One of the key techniques to boost sales can now be done using on through your personalized sales and marketing dashboard – SuccessMetric.

 A complete business platform

SuccessMetric helps you fulfill your sales goals through analytics software customized for every SME.


Data is complex, the way to get your results are not. Navigate your way through the software with ease.


Reporting and visualization revamped. Delivering insights the way you want, with added innovation.


For every byte of data, you receive detailed and accurate results that you can explore and utilize.