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Financial Data Analytics Software | Financial Dashboards | SuccessMetric

Financial Data Analytics

What is Financial Analytics?

“Unlock deeper insights into your business’ financial data”

The financial aspects of the business are crucial in defining its future. Financial Data Analytics involves processing a large amount of data from multiple sources to get clarity of different financial factors. However, it’s not always well-interpreted by everyone. It needs to be represented visually for a wide array of users, not just the financial department, through an analytics tool like a Financial Data Analytics Software.

With the advancement of AI and big data, analytics has made it easier for even a layman to understand and interpret data. It also saves a significant amount of time in the collection and evaluation of data to understand the current trends in the business. You can also integrate customer data to gain knowledge about the valuable customers in your business. An all-around view of your business can be made available to you through Financial Data Analytics.

Why should business opt Financial Analytics?

“Predict future patterns and make the right business decisions”

The benefits of leveraging Financial Data Analytics is manifold. Previously, companies relied on multiple spreadsheets filled with rows and columns of data to collect and retrieve any necessary business information. With Financial Data Analytics and similar software, you can maintain everything online and in one place which is accessible to you anytime and anywhere. Currently, there are only a handful of companies that understand the potential of Financial Analytics. Some still rely on time-consuming manual efforts of data entry, processing, and retrieval. An analytics dashboard can give a considerable amount of time of your financial department by making almost all of these processes automatic or just a button click away.

Furthermore, it’s not just used in sales, marketing, or manufacturing. It is also commonly used by finance companies. A combination of predictive analytics, real-time analytics for fraud detection, algorithmic training goes a long way in helping them to make the right decision for their clients.

Getting a financial overview of the business helps increase profitability and assists in making strategic data-driven decisions.

Why SuccessMetric for Financial analytics?

“Improve and maintain your financial health with SuccessMetric”

Financial Data Analytics should be easily readable to the non-technical decision makers as well. When the analytics dashboard is customized to meet your business goals and work on various financial aspects seamlessly, you can propel your business into the future. SuccessMetric can help you with it.

We are data-driven all-round analytics solutions platform that can unearth insights with every piece of raw data at our disposal. Every individual understands and interprets data differently. We aim to make analytics easy to visualize and fill the dashboard with relevant metrics that will help you make better decisions and boost profits. An AI-powered, intuitive dashboard with real-time and precise reporting, effective tracking, cost-effective pricing, and seamless design, your data is optimized to celebrate your future success. We provide features that you need to visualize the results of your efforts.

What we provide, is just the beginning.

Profitable Revenue Overview

An overview of the business revenue is important for any firm. Measuring this KPI is instrumental in determining profitability and making the ideal short-term and long-term decisions. With SuccessMetric, you can visualize whether your business is generating profitable revenue based on a product, vendor, location and more.

Sales forecasting

You have multiple products from different brands spread out in your established stores. But, how do you know which region is selling this particular product more or which store is failing in its sales? Sales forecasting through a SuccessMetric dashboard will help you know the regions to target more and which one to shut down.

Profitability study

A profitability study of a business is crucial to understand the progress of the company. When there are multiple factors involved in the business, you need to gain financial clarity across multiple aspects like the product, locations, vendors, and customers. SuccessMetric can provide this useful feature and more.

Cost variance analysis

Cost variance analysis is the simplest form of financial analysis. However, sometimes with large subsets of data, it may seem difficult to calculate this amount manually. With this feature on your SuccessMetric dashboard, you can conduct cost variance analysis per product, location, and vendor.

Cost study for operational losses

When you run a large business, there are many costs involved, which are at times unavoidable. One such cost is the one related to operations. By conducting a study on the operational aspects of the business through the SuccessMetric dashboard, you can check for any losses, forecast any related risks, and make informed decisions.

Accounts receivable and payable study

Business is a process of paying and receiving. These transactions take place with those associated with the business. By gaining a comprehensive analysis over such accounts, you can visualize the position of your revenue and decide on the best way to move forward.

 A complete business platform

SuccessMetric helps you manage your financial goals through an analytics software customized for every SME.


Data is complex, the way to get your results are not. Navigate your way through the software with ease.


Reporting and visualization revamped. Delivering insights the way you want, with added innovation.


For every byte of data, you receive detailed and accurate results that you can explore and utilise.