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Impact of Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry

Data analytics in the manufacturing industry

If you just put pick up any industry in the world, there are three elements that act as the spinal cord of the company. Well, these three vitals are design, manufacturing, and marketing. The designing of the components is paired up by the amalgamation of the Engineer and the software. The marketing is tolled by the Marketing team which takes help of the Internet as it is pacing at an alarming pace. Now, when we shift over the process without which your imagination and creativity can’t take the shape is Manufacturing. You buy high-end machines to not compromise with the errors and to make explicit products and to prevail in the category called Quality and Operational Efficiency. But sometimes that’s not enough and you need to walk in the shoulder with the shoulder by using Data Analytics. According to Forbes, 53% of the companies out there in the world use Big Data analytics. Big companies like Amazon, Starbucks, General Electric, and also the FMCG sectors have infused data analytics in the system.

What is data analytics?

Let’s start with the datum, that what is data analytics and why it is hyped all over the world. Data analytics tweaks your operational efficiency and helps you to transform your business models into a better one. They act as a feedback system when you infuse it in your company. Obviously, it’s not limited to the feedback but also descends your processing time and narrow your burn in the pocket. Now as you have understood the power of data analytics, let’s move on to the next.

Data analytics in manufacturing

In manufacturing, there are many processes involved to develop a product. After producing it, the products go through the many processes of testing and evaluation which get down to the granular look over the product. Even after inculcating six sigma programs, the product you produce lacks in some of the factors. To compensate for the factor, you again need to go through the process and fluster your mind. With the use of data analytics in the manufacturing, you can create a serene atmosphere in the workplace as it takes care of it by evaluation of every part that involves the term manufacturing by giving you the statistics and tweaking your every step of the manufacturing process.
What it really does in the manufacturing sector?
Let’s dig deeper into the topic of data analytics as just saying that it improves the efficiency can be a mundane term to elaborate it. So, what it really does? Following points will give you a clear insight of data analytics in manufacturing.

#1. Streamline the production chain and supply chain

To create the product or the component on the CAD software is basic. But to transcend into the reality you have to use the basic thing called material. Just by the one click on the Internet, you get the thousands of vendors or suppliers at your altar. When you come with a decision to choose and start the manufacturing, data analytics will analyze every product’s life cycle and will come with the statistics before it becomes an issue. Data analytics comes into the action as soon as the material is offloaded on the conveyor belt and analyzes it accordingly.

#2. Fix you?

A human being needs someone when it comes to fixing himself before he or she drops to the break down point. Well, when we talk about manufacturing, the machines are obliged to work continuously and sometimes the fatigue speaks out by giving you disastrous faulty products. By infusing data analytics, manufacturing systems look over its own precision rate and at some point enables them to fix themselves or an early alert to the company workers always work.

#3. Time is Money

Even you could just save a minute for the production every day that cumulatively results in a difference of six-hour shift. It may sound a negligible time in a year but it gives an edge to the results. A minute less to a single machine and there are many operational machines in the company and that piles up too many hours. Well, Data analytics helps you to enhance your productivity and eventually end up saving your money.

#4. Have you seen the future?

Companies need to forecast the future whether it’s going to uphill or downhill your production rate. So your company builds up the statistics with the growth (anticipating positive growth) and with the rage of production rate, data analytics collects the information to whether come up with more machines in your company or not. Hence, Data analytics can approximately forecast your future.

#5. Improving asset performance and efficiency

As discussed we come with the conclusion that manufacturing is the asset of the company and to capitalize on our asset we do everything that’s possible. The Internet of things (IoT) has helped us to drive the world with our pace and jump through the fence of obstacles flawlessly. In the production line by using numerous sensors and high technology we take a look over each product flowing through the production line. Each parameter is checked at machine logs. But to segregate the sheer volume of information and to cleanse, to find useful information and finally tweaking the operation, can be possible by streamlining the Data analytics on your assets. It helps us to break down our asset and give us useful insight to improve it and eventually Improving asset performance.

#6. Enabling Customization

The traditional method of jumping over the two segments of the company i.e. designing and manufacturing can be fatigue. A small change in the design parameter can lead you to do incredible changes in the manufacturing department. As customization in the product is directly paired up with the customer need. And the customer needs can be volatile in some cases. Hence, using data analytics can give the product engineer to access the customer data and predict their patterns of preferences soothingly. It also enables the manufacturers to determine the postpone to allow the customization of the products or made to order requests.
Now, as you the know the importance of the Data analytics in manufacturing you should the tools that are revolutionizing the manufacturing Industry.

Data analytics tools in the manufacturing industry

Data storage: To gather all the data related to the supply chain and about the following parameters involved in manufacturing you need the storage and that’s possible by deploying big data analytics.

Cleansing: When the information is in sheer volume it is difficult to segregate the information from different sources. Well, Big data analytics can act as a savior for you. It enables cleansing of the information into unified data sets and makes it readable. Data analytics also helps to make the information standard which makes it feasible to read by the executives.

Profiling: In general terms, you profile the things to give it a better shape. Well, Profiling is the tools which gives a better shape to your manufacturing segment by cumulating the information as much as possible.
Data mining tools: To waste the time for looking over the information you need can be lethargic. Data mining tools can make you access the information you need in a flash.

Mapping: It’s the tool that helps you to compare the process with the ideal one. As during the manufacturing, there are always some potential problems that can enact disastrous effects for the company. Mapping enables to identify dependencies at the present and anticipate you with the future ones.

Analysis: Pattern helps you to improve the process which leads to a greater impact on the production and the products. With the analysis tools, it helps us to become decisive by breaking down each process from supply chain to the final product.

Visualization: To give a better understanding of what’s happening you need the statistics and charts. Visualization tools transform the collected data into SQL databases and spreadsheets.
Monitor your process: It’s important to look over every single process from the supply chain and the process involved during the manufacturing as it gives you the insights to render the asset performance. As monitoring tools help us to know the deviation from the standard process.

Preparing manufacturers for data analytics

The world doesn’t compromise on the quality of the product and also with the costlier products. To make your product accepted by the market, you need to look over the quality assurance and cost-cutting processes. Well, you need to integrate the data analytics and manufacturing to make it possible. As data analytics helps us to prepare regression models to understand best-fit descriptors for process parameters. But not only the models but to streamline the process by inventory management and supply stock management. Success Metric can help you to reinvent your business growth by providing their distinguished services. They help you by reviving your company through data collection and processing, building analytical methods and also catering you in manufacturing. In one of the articles of McKinsey, they discussed the impacts Big data would have on Industry. In one of the bullet points, they discussed Integrating IT, manufacturing, and operational systems making the visionary of Industry 4.0 a reality (it’s a German government initiative). Data analytics acts as a catalyst to improve the overall efficiencies of all the companies out there in the world

Statistics and case studies

The use of data analytics has overwhelmed the manufacturing industry with numerous benefits. But nobody believes until there any statistics or case studies are provided to you. That’s but obvious as the numbers are more appealing to the human then hundreds of point stating that it’s the best for the industry. Let’s look over the examples in different sectors that would conclude you with one sentence, “It optimizes your industry sector with unbelievable operational efficiency and profits.

Metal Extracting and Refining Process

The metal extracting and refining process has become the yardstick of the development. As the big data solution feedbacks you with the output and simultaneously improves the process. The frontier parameter that affected the efficiency was oxygen level. The respective team changed the leaching process and increased the yield by 3.7%. This benefitted the industry with the profits of 10-20 million $ every year.


The company who is reigning the world by its world-class automotive machines has infused the data analytics. With the help of big data analytics, they found the glitches in their prototypes pattern. It helped the Engineers to eradicate the vulnerabilities before the prototype went to the stage of production.

Aircraft Engines

The Spirit of Ecstasy, Rolls Royce extensively uses data analytics in the modeling of new aircraft engines. The big data is amalgamated with the software that tweaks their simulations analyzes terabytes of data to check if the design lies at the bar of excellence.

Pharmaceutical Industries

Pharmaceutical industry looks over the distinguished parameters to yield the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Nine parameters were found that can yield the process by use of data analytics which has improved the vaccine yield by astounding 50%.
When Tata Consultancy services were asked to rate the usefulness of big data analytics in manufacturing defect tracking, they rate it 3.32 out of 5. Now, you got all the reasons to inculcate big data analytics in your industry as it propels your company into the higher orbit of the success.

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