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Customer Service

What is Customer Service & BPO Analytics?

“A deeper insight into the performance of the customer service team”

The most important part of any business is its customers. Without customers to purchase or sign up for your products, your company would cease to exist. Hence, it is necessary to provide the best customer service to maintain customer relationships. While your team is hard at work, you need to know whether their performance reflects the amount of invested effort. The best way to get clarity of this aspect, and more, is through Customer Data Analytics.

The role of big data in customer data analytics is a significant one which only a handful of companies leverage to their complete advantage. Some of these people include retailers who want to increase the sales and profits by more than 60%. When you have more accurate information about your customers, it is easier to understand what is going on within the dedicated customer service department. You can even go as far as personalize and personalize the entire experience.

Why should business opt Customer Service & BPO Analytics?

“Analyse customer behaviour and ensure top-notch customer service”

Call center analytics uses a large amount of data to analyze multiple aspects of the customer service process. The primary goal of customer analytics is to get an overview of customer behaviour, analyze the ones that are best to acquire and retain, identify high-profile customers, and the best way to interact with them.

When you simply want to improve your customer service, you may ask questions like how long does it take for solving a customer issue? Who is solving most of the customer’s problems? Is that particular customer rep capable of handling more customers? With the right answers to these questions, you can find better ways to serve your customers. Another useful tip for using call center analytics is to understand customer pain points. With the clarity of what the customer is going through, finding the most effective solutions is all you need to do. You can also use these insights to offer new products based on their previous interactions.

Big data and AI have the power to drive excellent customer service. Take the steps toward better customer service and increased sales and profitability. It’s time to get your personalized analytics dashboard.

Why SuccessMetric for Customer Service & BPO Analytics?

“Improve customer service performance with the best analytics tool”

With many call center analytics tools available in the market, you need to select the right one that gives you insights into everything about your customers and the corresponding services. SuccessMetric can help you with measuring specific metrics of your business and provide deeper insights for you to make better business decisions.

We are data-driven all-round analytics solutions platform that can unearth insights with every piece of raw data at our disposal. Every individual understands and interprets data differently. We aim to make analytics easy to visualize and fill the dashboard with relevant metrics that will help you make better decisions and boost profits. An AI-powered, intuitive dashboard with real-time and precise reporting, effective tracking, cost-effective pricing, and seamless design, your data is optimized to celebrate your future success. We provide features that you need to visualize the results of your efforts.

What we provide, is just the beginning.

Predictive Employee Attrition

The process of hiring new call center agents is a continuous process. You invest a lot of time and money in training them as well. With predictive analysis on your customized SuccessMetric dashboard, you can analyze the performance and effectiveness for employee attrition.

AHT (Average Handling Time) Optimization

The term Average Handling Time refers to the amount of time it takes to handle a call with a customer. With this useful feature, you can analyze the average time the entire call takes from start to finish – from call initiation, to hold time, to talk time, and even post-phone call tasks.

Low Call Ratings Analysis

Call center agents make multiple calls to customers throughout the day and the conversation data collected is very important. The call center manager uses this data to gain useful insights on what went wrong with a particular phone call. You can get such data through your SuccessMetric analytics dashboard.

Call resolution rate analysis

When an issue is put forth by the customer, the call center agent may not know the answer to the issue and need to consult or forward it to a different department. The amount of time taken by the department to resolve the issue can be viewed on your customized SuccessMetric dashboard.

Periodic call volume analysis

Call volume is an important aspect of the entire conversation. Sometimes, there are spikes in the call that are planned, seasonal, or expected. You can now be prepared for these ebb and flows through the SuccessMetric analytics dashboard.

A complete business platform

SuccessMetric helps you manage your Customer Service goals through an analytics software customized for every SME.


Data is complex, the way to get your results are not. Navigate your way through the software with ease.


Reporting and visualization revamped. Delivering insights the way you want, with added innovation.


For every byte of data, you receive detailed and accurate results that you can explore and utilize.