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Fully Customized Business Analytics Services

Our Business Analytics Services is awarded for a reason & our esteemed clients believe us as one of the best & highly skilled team when it comes to deriving a business strategy from historical or real-time data. Just give a thought, we say you can predict your production against demand, without wastage with optimum utilization of raw materials procured & that too within the defined timeline. A secret tip, you can estimate the man hours with required manpower; when you now collaborate all the above mentioned, you can decide your selling price too. Bingo! It’s done in seconds with the magic of our Business Analytics Services which make us a renowned brand for Business Intelligence And Analytics Company, India.

Our Expertise

  • Descriptive Analytics, which use data aggregation and business intelligence techniques to give an insight about the historic period and tell us: “What has happened?”
  • Diagnostic Analytics is less focused on what has occurred but rather focused on why something happened (Root Cause Analysis)
  • Predictive Analytics, which use statistical models and forecasting techniques to give us an idea about  the possibilities in the future time period  and tell us: “What could happen?”
  • Prescriptive Analytics, which use optimization and simulation techniques to suggest potential outcomes and tell us: “What should we do?”

Above mentioned types of analytics helps you understand what has happened in the past, why it has happened, what could happen in the future based on the historical data and what actions have to be taken to:

  • Optimize the resources
  • Improve the sales and ROI
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve business planning and tackle uncertainty
  • Answer other business problems based on transactional data and benchmarking it with open source industry data

Areas We Specialize In

We cover other domains as well.

Our Strength

We have a team of experienced experts who will help you to take the right business decisions. Our team uses advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to provide the best solution possible for your business problem. Our Experts at SuccessMetric create the Visualizations, that track your Business Key Performance Indicators in a timely manner, which help the business people to make the right decisions at the right time and increase the ROI. Our Business Analytics Services assists you in order to make optimized decisions to improve business outcomes and handle risks. Business Analytics helps you in performing forecasting – what if the trend carries on, what will happen next, what’s the best aspect, which can occur, what’s the worst component, which can cause a problem. So to overcome this situation our team will assist the customer in understanding the current trend, predicting the future and analyzing the risks in advance. This will draw 360-degree insights about their Business.

Why Business Intelligence Service?

SM Business Intelligence Service has been proving itself as one of the best tools for data harnessing in the best possible way. The term designates itself as Intelligence since it keeps nagging the data & visualize it in simplest & strategically form. The incorporation of business Intelligence can spark data visualization features on the dashboard like predictive analytic feature which allows easy prediction of your business core in a view. The analytic dashboard reveals data for reliable long-term insights & can help derive easy solutions in case of critical business decisions. Business Intelligence is coined as one of the most preferred solutions for data analytic & data visualization tool. SM has been creating stories in this domain via our business analytic experts. Our Business Intelligence Service is helping brands all across to stay a step ahead via effective planning through our analytic dashboard & data analytic tool.

Why SuccessMetric?

Our Client Makes Us Strong. Our Business Module Is Based On Retention & Reference Module! Our bespoke Business Analytic Services have been serving across the globe and are developed using certified BI technologies which make us an outstanding Business Intelligence Services Provider in India. Unlike the traditional approach, we follow the latest trends of providing crisp & summarized information to our clients without any delay & that too on any gadget! Yes, it’s fully responsive. Our dashboard is our USP. We assure you the best experience with the analytic dashboard which will represent you all the insights by extracting meaningful & relevant data, which can be both raw and processed. In addition to user interactive dashboard, there are more intelligence stories with us which can compel you to opt us for all your Business Analytic needs. Let’s check them out for what you have been searching for:-

  • Leading Business Intelligence Services provider in India.
  • A team of 300+ certified Business Analytic experts.
  • Complete consultation from setting up to installation and maintenance.
  • The dedicated team involved for individual projects, hassle-free approach
  • Robustly developed with an assured bug-free tool
  • Easy to adopt & equip on any platform
  • Complete training of the product at every level. We won’t leave you behind.
  • Fully customized analytics product as per your business need

How we solve your Problems:

  • Visual Analytics
  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine Learning  Techniques
  • Simulation

These are just a highlight to showcase you our expertise. Few amazing stories & stunning achievements are yet to be discussed with you. Let’s get connected to create a history together!